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We hope that you will contribute as much as you can to finding a cure.  Science is making remarkable progress but as Lisa wrote, "we are not there yet." 

In her words:

It is important to see the larger picture here, aside from my own life. It is important for everyone reading this ... to know that despite all of the hype and exclamation points and strong language about a cure or the promise of successful long-term targeted agents for metastatic breast cancer so that it can be more like a 'chronic disease,' we are not there yet. 

The state of metastatic breast cancer care is that you can’t just test your breast cancer, look on a chart to find the drug that will work and always shut it down. 

Cancer is complicated. It has multiple pathways to get fuel. Block one? It finds another. And even when you have a drug that shows results in mice or in a few other people, you don’t know if it will work for you. There are too many variables, too many drivers of cancer in complicated feedback loops. All of those things take something those of us living with metastatic breast cancer don’t necessarily have: the luxury of time.

We don't know exactly how the mutations interact and which one's dominate others. This is why we don't have the cure we've been promised for decades. We need to get more aggressive in a new way now.

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