Some Days I Don't

Some days I don’t
Feel like a gift,
Do much,
Go anywhere,
Want to do this.

Some days I don’t
Know how to get out,
Or want to be the brave one,
Be the strong one.

Some days I don’t
Have any words,
Or the strength to take them from my head
And put them on a screen.

Some days I don’t
Believe that this is what my life is,
What it has come to,
Or even think I have woken up for the day.

Some days I don’t
Wish to believe the best days are over,
Know if the adventures have ended,
Want to believe that it can be true that they are.

But even on the days I don’t…

Somewhere inside I know I must
Press onward,
For whatever that means,
For right now.

So every day that is just what I do.

Mark Bonchek